Film Reel

Character FX production work in Dreamworks Animation/Sony Imageworks, responsible for shot work, build cloth/hair setup, tool development

Unreal4 Cinematic/TechArt Reel

I made cinematic by UE4 sequencer, and utilize free asset from market place and mixamo. It also has tech art breakdown  with some custom material, post processing, houdini vertex animation

Houdini/Unreal4 procedure terrain

Using Houdini to create HDA for terrain, which give flexibility to procedurally change the props scatter in unreal engine, also can have nice layer material apply.

Hair/Cloth/Fur Reel

Hair/Cloth simulation, Groom, Procedure Animation, Muscle simulation

Rigging Reel

Personal facial/mechanical rigging demo

Solo indie Game Reel (Unity, iOS, Android)

Solo developed in Unity, published in AppStore and Google Play

Houdini tool for Unity demo

Procedure generation and Houdini HDA setup

Livici (live and virtual circus)

Unreal Engine multiplayers, VR, VFX, performance optimization, pixel streaming

Marvel Realm of Champions

Unity, Character pipeline, tech anim, VFX, Maya,Motion builder,Houdini tool

Generalist Reel

Modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting, compositing

LiviCi Short VR Demo

I responsible for developing VR menu, customized avatar system, and performance optimization in Unreal Engine

Sean Kozak live DJ show

Unreal Engine multiplayers, VR, VFX, live mo-cap, video/audio streaming

High details cloth in Unity

Bring pre-sim cloth in to Unity to get multilayer high detail look

LocoMotion test

unity avatar/animator system setup for locomotion