TLM Partners inc

Technical Artist

Oct 2021 – Present, Vancouver,BC

Unannounced project (VR, metaverse, multiplayers, Unreal) and Unannounced project (UE5, AAA console)

  • Responsible for integrate newly developing internal crowd technology into production, includes animation BP setup.
  • working with central core tech team to pinpoint internal crowd technology issue and help improve usability.
  • R&D DMX real-time lighting solution, including developing light function, volume fog shader.
  • Support character customization pipeline and bugs.
  • Houdini engine integration and documentation.
  • Implement and optimized performance VFX and character material.
  • mentor junior artists and helping staff across the team with any issues.

Shocap Entertainment

Technical Lead/Technical Artist

Jan 2021 – Oct 2021, Vancouver,BC

LiViCi Live and Virtual Circus and some unannounced project ( Unreal Engine, virtual production, Live Show, Multiplayer game, VR, cloud streaming )

  • Developing interactive multiplayer experience with live performance feature live-streaming mo-cap, VR, LED wall (Unreal Blueprint, Oculus)
  • Developing avatar customization, emote animation, locomotion system for multiplayer game (Unreal Blueprint)
  • Working in virtual production and live-stage, solve live technical issue and address art direction in real-time
  • Working on pre-record and live mo-cap data streaming to avatar
  • Developing VFX with UE niagara, audio-driven vfx, mocap drive vfx
  • Developing dynamic material blending with live-streaming video/audio
  • Optimize performance to scale from high-end full raytracing to VR capable.
  • Oversee technical aspect for project, guide team for any workflow and technical issues.
  • Live-showing in SIGGRAPH 2021’s Real-Time Live and honored Audience Choice Award.

Kabam inc

Technical Artist

Sep 2018 – Jan 2021, Vancouver,BC

Marvel Realm of Champions (2020)

  • Developing character art pipeline tools from Maya (python and QT) to Unity (C#)
  • Developing animation pipeline tools in Motion Builder and Maya (python).
  • Developing workflow tool/solution for prebake simulation cloth system.
  • In-game engine animation graph design/prototype and build rigging guideline.
  • Houdini for Unity pioneer, explore integration and possibility for project needed. (HDA and VEX)
  • Work with Art directors and Art leads to prototyping in-game feature and visual development .
  • Art asset management/optimization/integration.
  • Provide technical solution for vfx/animation/in-game feature.
  • Supporting render/shading/lighting techniques and process.
  • Solution provider and communicator between artists, engineers, production
  • Support marketing team for creating one off scene and utilize game assets to for cinematic trailer

Yellow Mouth App

Indie Mobile Game Developer

Jan 2015 – Present

  • Cinematic (Unreal Engine) : sequencer, material/post processing blueprint, animation retargeting, Houdini Engine
  • Degree Monster – Unity, iOS, Android
  • Crazy Loop Racing – Unity, iOS, Android
  • Pixdog – Unity, iOS, Android
  • Twist Turbo – Unity, iOS, Android
  • Cups and Cone – Unity, iOS, Android
  • From concept to delivery. prototype, design, UI/UX, game art, game programming by Unity, C#, adobe suite, Maya
  • Ideate, architect, and implement gameplay systems
  • Fine-tune gameplay and controls based on app store/google play comment.
  • Implement FireBase, GooglePlay, GameCenter, AdMobs API and in-app store.

Sony Pictures Imageworks

Character FX TD

Dec 2014 – Sep 2018, Vancouver, BC

  • Spiderman – into spider verse (2018)
  • Emoji ( 2017 )
  • Smurf ( 2017 )
  • Stork (2016)
  • Hotel Transylvania 2 ( 2015 )
  • Creates set-ups, models and animates assigned character external features such as hair, fur and cloth to meet art direction.
  • Writing utility scripts and software code that streamlines the simulation development process.
  • Simulation cloth development includes model build, dynamic setup, animation test, UI button creation, procedure rig.
  • Groom development includes hair curve build, hair shader adjust, hair procedure Fx, dynamic setup.

DreamWorks Animation

Character FX Developer/Artist

 – California, USA

  • Kung Fu Panda 3 ( 2015 )
  • Mr. Peabody and Sherman ( 2014 )
  • Madagasga 3 ( 2012 )
  • Houdini representative : Lead department to shift hair pipeline from maya to houdini, tools migrate, training document.
  • Tool Development : Led the script writing and tool design for the entire project team. Ex: render asset pick. Procedure chin dynamic build, muscle system, space recomp, zoomcam, asset I/O
  • Creates cloth simulation, animation and finaling animation for shot work in production



 – New York, USA

  •  Music Video (Wacky Wacky)-Character modeling, rigging, animation
  •  DVD opening (U2: 360° at the Rose Bowl)-Spaceship modeling
  •  Alienware M11X laptop promo (Dell)-Modeling laptop

New York University

Master of Science (M.S) Digital Image and Design

– New York, USA

National Tsing Hua University

Bachelor of Science (BS), Engineering Science